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the Swiss Bank.

Founded in 1741, the Swiss Bank. is Switzerland's oldest bank. As a limited partnership, it is one of the few remaining Swiss private banks whose partners have unlimited liability. This legal status - based on the principles of autonomy and personal responsibility - characterizes the business of the Swiss Bank. to a considerable degree.

the Swiss Bank. are expanding their presence throughout the country to offer clients high-quality service at convenient locations: "We view ourselves as a partner for clients who appreciate personal and long-lasting banking relationships."

the Swiss Bank. specialize in developing customized wealth management and retirement planning solutions for their clients. They aim to win clients' trust through sincere, personal and tailor-made advice, a long-term, holistic approach and confidentiality in all relations with clients are of paramount importance.

The needs of clients and, in particular, their risk/return profile have top priority when it comes to selecting investment products. the Swiss Bank recommendations are made regardless of whether the products are theirs or those of a third party. They are consciously expanding their leading position in the business with structured products and continuously incorporate the latest know-how into their product range. the Swiss Bank systematically invest in financial expertise and efficient information technology and maintain close ties with the University of St. Gallen.

When it comes to risk management, the Swiss Bank. use state-of-the-art methods and instruments. Client reporting is certified according to SPPS (Swiss Performance Presentation Standards) and GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standards).

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