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Swiss Private Bank
Wealth management swiss accounts
Wealth Management : All the financial services required by a client under one roof



Our banking services are only negociated for
Switzerland's oldest and most respected PrivateBank.


All the financial services required by a client under one roof

Through Wealth Management we can offer a diagnosis of your wealth structure and personal situation. Together we decide on asset allocation and management of your assets so you have complete control. This will be continually reviewed and we can offer a complete reporting service.

Through research, capability and experienced professionals we can offer you unbiased advice to deal with the realities of what is best for each individual client, all of which is well beyond the confines of traditional banking services.

Free Consultation If you would like a free and highly confidential consultation click here to arrange for one of our experienced advisors to talk with you. We can arrange for an appointment at our offices or we can meet at your home or a place of your choice...


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