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Trust Formation

Offshore trusts can offer major benefits to many investors and other individuals with substantial capital assets. Our offshore trusts can transfer a person's investments to a vehicle which may permit the deferral or minimization of income taxes on investment income without contravening the tax laws of the person's home country.

As a form of asset protection, and offshore trust is an agreement based on the English common law principle that allows separation of legal and beneficial ownership amongst a number of individuals.

The Key benefit of offshore trusts are:

  • Confidentiality: Assets in Trustee's name, Transactions in Trustees name, Banking privacy via Swiss banking policy.
  • Effective and flexible control of assets. While the Settlor is living, even if incapacitated, the Trustee is under a strict obligation to carry out the Settlors wishes regarding distribution of income and capital, as expressed in the Trust Agreement, for the Settlor, for the beneficiaries, and after the Settlors lifetime for the named beneficiary.
  • The Settlor may assign or retain power to manage the assets. There is no probate for Trust assets, no public record, no delays in distribution and no additional legal costs.

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