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Private Banks in Taiwan

bostatic.com offer Private Banking, Asset Management and Swiss Accounts to expats and clients all over the world..

You do not have to visit the bank in Switzerland to open up a Private Swiss Bank Account, a Private Banker will be designated to you and will offer one to one personalized investment advice and vehicles based around your requirements.

The Private Banker designated to you can meet you at your desired location to discuss the opening of the account.

This service is offered to High Net Worth individuals, for further information, please contact us or complete an appointment request form.

= Asia Trust
= Bank of Taiwan
= Bowa Bank
= Central Bank of China
= China United Trust & Investment Corporation
= Chinese Bank
= Chinfon Bank
= E.Sun Bank
= Hualien Business Bank
= Mega International Commercial Bank
= Taichung Bank
= Taipei Fubon Bank
= TaipeiBank
= Taiwan Cooperative Bank

Foreign banks

= American Express Bank
= Bangkok Bank
= Barclays Bank
= BNP Paribas
= Bank of America
= The Bank of East Asia
= The Bank of New York
= The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
= Calyon
= Citibank
= DBS Bank
= Deutsche Bank
= Fortis Bank
= The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
= JPMorgan Chase
= KBC Bank
= Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
= Mizuho Corporate Bank
= Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation
= Société Générale
= Scotiabank
= Standard Bank of South Africa
= Standard Chartered Bank
= State Street Bank and Trust Company
= Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
= United Overseas Bank
= Wachovia Bank
= Wells Fargo Bank

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