What can we do for you?

In today’s world with its rapidly changing business, social and political environment, tailor-made solutions for have become more important than ever.

Experienced lawyers, advisors and bankers will provide you with state-of-the-art solutions for your personal and special financial needs. We will deliver only tailor-made solutions and genuinely individual service which guarantee your financial success.

Our unique advisory group is:

expert and narrowly focused on asset management, legal and tax advice,
(asset protection, fund and wealth management, real estate, immigration)

(freely cooperates with leading experts of other firms, banks and trust companies, no “cross-selling”)

client-oriented and result-driven and
(very personal in client relationships and only focused to what’s best for the client)

(We work in all major currencies and are able to serve you around the world communicating in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese)

Why Switzerland for Private Banking solutions?

This claim is of our partnered bank and perfectly describes the benefit of placing your assets in Switzerland. The long tradition has given our partner banks autonomy and independence and show, that they had been able to meet the challenges of each era successfully, in spite of the ever growing complexity of the economic and social environment.

And even though other countries have put quite some effort in international private banking Switzerland’s outstanding position has remained untouched. Switzerland’s banks together manage client assets worth an estimated 3,500 billion Swiss francs (app. 2,750 billion USD).

Private banking services are usually offered to clients with assets of a minimum of $500,000 USD. With lower amounts of funds, you may still be able to apply do not hesitate to Contact a Swiss Bank or Click here to request more information.

Swiss Bank agents can introduce you to a Swiss bank that offers the following services:
Family Office and Wealth Management
International Estate Planning
International Swiss Private Banking
Corporation, Trust and Foundation Formations
Swiss Bank Accounts

Asset Management
Private Banking
Inheritance Planning
Family Office
Trust Formations

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