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Swiss Private Banking

How safe is your money in Switzerland? The following contains excerpts from can put you in touch with a Swiss Bank offering a haven for investors seeking shelter from the current credit crisis. A Swiss wealth managers job is to oversee your investments and avoid bad investments.

The Swiss Private Bank we work with is "one of the most dynamic wealth managers of the moment, attracting clients at a faster pace than many of its competitors," Michel Derobert, secretary-general of the Swiss Private Bankers Association.

However its location gives it many advantages over its competitors. "Not being in a financial center means it is easy to avoid the deadly emotions of greed and fear," said a managing partner. "After all the world's most successful investor Warren Buffet, is based in Omaha and not New York."

Last years assets under management increased to 20.6 billion Swiss francs ($20.6 billion), a rise of 23% over 2006.

"Unlimited liability partnerships are gaining market share from the bigger wealth managers. Many clients feel their money is safer with them as the management will feel the pain just as much as their clients would in any financial downturn," said the managing partner.

The Swiss Private Bank we work with is the biggest active quantative house in Switzerland and controls about 40% of the Swiss market for structured products. A strong adherence to quant-based investment process is paying off. Its flagship active indexing global equities strategy fund has generated a cumulative return of 169.8% since it was launched in December 2001, compared with the MSCI World Net Total Return index return of 62%.

The bank has one billion Swiss francs invested in single hedge-fund strategies although none of these is credit based and exisiting strategies have little leverage, a managing partner said the bank has avoided investing in funds of hedge funds, despite their popularity among many Swiss wealth managers.

The bank says its biggest strength is client servicing. "All wealth managers talk about being client-focused but what does that actually mean? Nearly all large wealth managers have product sales targets for their relationship managers - we don't," said a managing partner.

Customer servicing is helped by a strong staff-retention record. Since the management buyout, no client adviser has left to join a competitor.

The bank has an international clientel with about 60% of the bank's private-banking clients based in Switzerland. The bank has nine offices throughout the country.

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