Private Banking

Swiss private banks are subject to banking secrecy laws (unlike private asset managers) as well as the legal supervision of the Swiss Federal Banking Commission.

Switzerland stands for the reliability of a long-standing banking tradition, one which exists practically nowhere else. Banking solidity and seriousness are the result of experience that goes back for generations. Switzerland’s banks manage client assets worth an estimated 3,500 billion Swiss francs.

A characteristic of Switzerland as a financial centre is the balance between the traditional legal protection and the strict standards against abuse of the system, such as regulations against money laundering and insider trading.

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Your wealth is something valuable to you and therefore you must take your commitments seriously and choose your individual banking services selectively.

“We look after clients, not just assets.”

As a client you want to know that your assets are in good hands and that they are:

Protected from the depredations of inflation, optimized concerning taxes, and hedged against mood swings in the financial markets or the imponderables of political crises;

Observed and/or managed by experienced personal advisors who are accountable, independent and speak your language; and
Invested intelligently according to our recommendations, if requested.

The private banking services are offered for new clients starting with assets of a minimum of USD 300,000.00 or more.

Asset Management Services in particular:
· Investment Objective:
- Detailed risk assessment;
- Risk Affinity;
- Risk Ability; and
- Performance Goal.

· Investment Strategy:
- Global analysis of political and economic data and the medium
-term forecasts and scenarios;
- Switzerland, Europe, USA, Japan, Others; and
- Stock, Interest Rates, Currencies, Others.

· Investment Tactics:
Detailed research into individual industry sectors and companies, and monitoring of the financial markets

· Investment Advice:
Partnering you in taking your own investment decisions with the help of the research data base we gather together.

· Fund Portfolio:
Diversified investment of your assets among equity and bond funds.

· Administrative Custody Management:
You manage your assets; we handle the transactions for you.

· Global Asset Management and Consolidation:
We assist you with your overall world wide wealth. We help you plan and keep the overview by preparing consolidated reports as basis for future decision making and monitoring of your wealth.

· Reporting:
We will report regularly about the developments of your wealth. It will give you an overview about your account and the strategies, risks and performances taken.

Tell us your private banking requirements by filling in a consultation form today.

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Corporation, Trust and Foundation Formation.
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Free and strictly confidential Consultation

If you are interested in a free and strictly confidential consultation and wish to talk to one of our professionals please click here. A Swiss banker can render a general introduction to their services via telephone and then offer to meet you wherever it is convenient for you, in one of their banks in Switzerland, in their of our offices or even at your home if you wish.

The private banking services are usually offered to clients with assets of a minimum of $500,000 US. With lower amounts of funds, you may still be able to apply do not hesitate to Contact a Swiss Bank or Click here to request more information.