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Private Banks in Indonesia offer Private Banking, Asset Management and Swiss Accounts to expats and clients all over the world..

You do not have to visit the bank in Switzerland to open up a Private Swiss Bank Account. A Private Banker will be designated to you. You will be offered one to one personalized investment advice and tax vehicles based around your requirements.

The Private Banker designated to you can meet you at your desired location to discuss the opening of the account.

This service is offered to High Net Worth individuals, for further information, please contact us or complete an appointment request form.

Central Bank

= Bank Indonesia

State Banks

= Bank Mandiri
= Bank Negara Indonesia
= Bank Ekspor Indonesia
= Bank Rakyat Indonesia
= Bank Tabungan Negara

Public Banks

= Bank Agro Niaga
= Bank Artha Graha Internasional
= Bank Bumiputera Indonesia
= Bank Capital Indonesia
= Bank Central Asia
= Bank Century
= Bank UOB Buana
= Bank Bukopin
= Bank Danamon
= Bank Eksekutif International
= Bank Kesawan
= Bank Bumi Arta
= Bank Niaga
= Bank International Indonesia
= Bank Permata
= Bank Victoria International
= Bank Lippo
= Bank Mayapada
= Bank Mega
= Bank Multicor
= Bank NISP
= Bank Pan Indonesia
= Bank Himpunan Saudara 1906

Private Banks

= Bank CIC
= Bank Ekonomi Raharja
= Bank Maspion
= Bank Agroniaga
= Bank Antardaerah
= Bank Ganesha
= Bank IFI
= Bank Mestika Dharma
= Bank Metro Express
= Bank Anglomas Internasional (Merger pending with Wishart)
= Bank Akita
= Bank Alfindo
= Bank Artos Indonesia
= Bank Bintang Manunggal
= Bank Bisnis Internasional
= Bank Dipo International
= Bank Fama Internasional
= Bank Harda Internasional
= Bank Harfa (Merger pending with Bank Panin)
= Bank Harmoni International(Merger pending with Bank Index Selindo)
= Bank Ina Perdana
= Bank Index Selindo (Merger pending with Bank Harmoni International)
= Bank Jasa Arta
= Bank Jasa Jakarta
= Bank Kesejahteraan Ekonomi
= Bank Mayora
= Bank Mitraniaga
= Bank Multi Arta Sentosa
= Bank Persyarikatan Indonesia
= Bank Purba Danarta
= Bank Royal Indonesia
= Bank Sinar Harapan Bali (Merger pending with Bank Mandiri)
= Bank Sri Partha (Merger pending with Mercy Corp.)
= Bank Swaguna
= Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional
= Bank UIB
= Bank Yudha Bhakti
= Bank Centratama Nasional
= Bank Liman International
= Bank Prima Master

Defunct Banks

= Bank Arta Niaga Kencana (Merged with Commonwealth Bank of Australia)
= Bank Halim Indonesia (Merged with ICBC)
= Bank Haga (Merged with Rabobank)
= Bank Hagakita (Merged with Rabobank)
= Bank Indomonex (Acquired by Bank of India and State Bank of India)
= Bank Swadesi (Acquired by Bank of India and State Bank of India)
= Bank Nusantara Parahyangan (Acquired by consortium of Acom and Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ)
= Bank Windu Kentjana (Merged with Bank Multicor)

Islamic Banks

= Bank Muamalat Indonesia
= Bank Syariah Mandiri
= Bank Syariah Mega Indonesia

Regional Development Banks

= BPD Jambi
= BPD Kalimantan Selatan
= BPD Kalimantan Timur
= BPD Sulawesi Tenggara
= Bank Nagari
= Bank DKI
= Bank Lampung
= Bank Kalteng
= BPD Aceh
= BPD Sulawesi Selatan
= BPD Jawa Barat
= BPD Kalimantan Barat
= BPD Maluku
= BPD Bengkulu
= BPD Jawa Tengah
= BPD Jawa Timur
= BPD Nusa Tenggara Barat
= BPD Nusa Tenggara Timur
= BPD Sulawesi Tengah
= BPD Sulawesi Utara
= BPD Bali
= BPD Papua
= BPD Riau
= BPD Sumatera Selatan
= BPD Sumatera Utara is monitored by the SFBC