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Are you looking for a Swiss Bank Account, Asset Protection and Wealth Management Services? Swiss Bank agents can introduce you to a top Private Bank to suit your needs. Click here to request more information.

Private Banking in Switzerland is an exclusive form of the Swiss Banking and is regarded as the safest and most prestigious type of banking in the world. Swiss Banks are used by royalty, movie stars, sports stars and the super rich. The services offered by Swiss Banks are offered to high net worth individuals, corporations and businesses.

Swiss Bank agents can introduce you to a bank that can provide private swiss bank accounts internationally (except the United Kindom). Services include: asset management, business banking and trust formation, these services are offered to international clients.

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Setting up a Swiss Private Bank Account is simple with a Swiss Bank. Simply contact a bank and they will consult with you on the most suitable Banking services for your requirements.


What exactly can a Swiss Bank Account do for you?

Swiss banks offer clients tailor-made banking solutions, for corporate and personal clients.
Services include:
International Estate Planning
International Swiss Private Banking
Corporation, Trust and Foundation Formations
Asset Management
Inheritance Planning
Family Office
Trust Formations

Swiss Banks are experts in the field of tailor-made structural solutions in connection with common law (US, United Kingdom, etc.). As well as civil law (France, Germany and most Latin American countries) jurisdictions.

Free and strictly confidential Consultation

Contact a Swiss bank if you are interested in a consultation.

The appropriate expert will call you back and render a general introduction to the services via telephone. The designated banker will then offer to meet you wherever it is convenient. Meetings can be arranged in one of our professional offices in Switzerland or even at your home if you wish.

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