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Swiss Banks in Auckland offer Private Banking, Asset Management and Swiss Accounts to expats and clients all over the world..

You do not have to visit the bank in Switzerland to open up a Private Swiss Bank Account, a Private Banker will be designated to you and will offer one to one personalized investment advice and vehicles based around your requirements.

The Private Banker designated to you can meet you at your desired location to discuss the opening of the account.

This service is offered to High Net Worth individuals, for further information, please contact us or complete an appointment request form. is monitored by the SFBC

# St. George Bank Limited - St. George offers you full banking facilities, including leading-edge banking technology such as Internet Banking, PhoneBanking and ecash.
# AMG International Bank Corporation - Offshore banking, electronic banking, investments, securities, trusts, letters of credit, foreign exchange trading, securities, money and asset management, tax deffered investment, confidential accounts, IBC and Bank organization. Banking correspondents being established around the world. Mortgage and Leasing divisions and administration in Australia, Nauru, London, Nauru and the U.S.
# Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. - Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) is Australia’s leading international banking and financial services group. ANZ offers a full range of financial products and services in Australia and New Zealand and has representation in 41 other countries, predominantly in greater Asia. With total assets of AUD 135 billion, ANZ is the second largest Australian based bank.
# Bank of Melbourne - A premier Australian regional bank.
# BBL Funds Management Limited - An Australian-based subsidiary of Banque Bruxelles Lambert S.A. of Belgium. The company offers The Director trust, a unique managed investment in Australian Equities and near-cash securities. The Director Trust contains three Equity funds and one near cash Enhanced Yield fund. Investors may either replicate the broad market index (the All Ordinaries) or set up their own active positions. MER is capped at a very low value (about 1/3 of the Australian industry average), and multimedia is used extensively in direct marketing.
# Bendigo Bank - Bendigo Bank is a regional and community bank, the only bank with its headquarters in regional Australia. The bank offers 100 branches nationally, plus Internet banking.
# Colonial Bank - Colonial is a diverse international financial services group. With businesses in banking; retail insurance; investments; superannuation; funds management; stockbroking; and funds administration and consulting, Colonial offers financial solutions to our customers' lifelong financial needs.
# Commonwealth Bank of Australia
# First Australian Building Society - First Australian Building Society will develop solutions to meet customers' financial requirements in a changing environment with an emphasis on simplicity, convenience and quality in balance with the needs of stakeholders. The Society's main activities continue to be retail investments and mortgage lending. Additional facilities now available through the Society include commercial lending, consumer lending, credit card facilities and business products.
# Macquarie On-Line - Macquarie is a member of the Australian finance and banking community. They provide a wide range of services including investment banking, stockbroking, and funds management.
# National Australia Bank - In Australia, National Australia Bank provides banking and financial services for individuals, businesses and community organisations.
# St. George Bank Limited - St. George offers you full banking facilities, including leading-edge banking technology such as Internet Banking, PhoneBanking and ecash. Information on the bank, including home loan rates, new announcements and financial results details.
# Suncorp-Metway Ltd.
# Westpac Bank - Services, rates etc. of the Westpac Bank of Australia.