Swiss Banks in Athens offer Private Banking, Asset Management and Swiss Accounts to expats and clients all over the world..

You do not have to visit the bank in Switzerland to open up a Private Swiss Bank Account, a Private Banker will be designated to you and will offer one to one personalized investment advice and vehicles based around your requirements.

The Private Banker designated to you can meet you at your desired location to discuss the opening of the account.

This service is offered to High Net Worth individuals, for further information, please contact us or complete an appointment request form. is monitored by the SFBC

* Bank Of Greece - The Central Bank of Greece.
* Agricultural Bank of Greece - ABG, one of the 500 top banks in the international world of finance, is a banking institution of world wide reputation; ever since its founding in 1929 the ABG has managed to combine economic rationality with social responsibility and modern banking practices with the concern to promote the overall development of the greek farming sector. Far from simply "agricultural", it is a universal bank capable of offering the full spectrum of financial products and services demanded by the banking public today.
* Alpha Credit Bank - Alpha Credit Bank, the largest private sector bank in Greece, provides all financial services through its branches and subsidiary companies.
* Commercial Bank of Greece
* Egnatia Bank S.A. - Egnatia Bank S.A., a contemporary Greek Bank specializes in Electronic Banking & Commerce, Mutual Funds, Stock Market, Investment Banking, Consumer Banking, Securities Markets, and Bancassurance.
* Hellenic Bank Association - The website of the Hellenic Bank Association on the Internet presents the Association's activities, publications,news,members in both Greek and English.
* ETBA S.A. Hellenic Industrial Development Bank - The objective of the bank is to promote activities in Industry, Tourism, Shipping and other sectors, which contribute th the economic development of Greece.
* EFG Eurobank S.A. - EFG Eurobank S.A., one of the largest and most modern private-sector banks in Greece, is part of the EFG Bank European Financial Group, based in Geneva and consists of financial enterprises operating at the international level, especially in Private Banking and Asset Management.
* Ionian Bank of Greece
* National Bank of Greece S. A. - National Bank of Greece S.A., the oldest and largest among Greek banks, heads the strongest financial group in the country. It boasts a dynamic profile internationally, particularly in Southeastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.
* Scotiabank Greece - Scotiabank UK provides a complete range of retail, commercial, corporate, investment and international banking services to customers in the Greece. Scotiabank is an international bank with more than 1,700 branches and offices in over 50 countries, our 41,000 employees deliver the quality service that has made Scotiabank one of world's premier financial institutions. Since welcoming our first customer in 1832, Scotiabank has enjoyed continued success by building on five core strengths and executing the basics of banking exceptionally well.
* Webteller - Online banking system of the Egnatia Bank.