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Asset Protection

Asset protection is simply the process of taking steps to minimise the risk of creditors or other claimants from being able to reach your assets.

It may be as simple as founding a domestic company, i.e. a Limited Liability Company or holding company to hold your assets, but can lead to sophisticated structures of offshore Trusts with Foundations as beneficiaries.

In order to best protect your assets, our international experts offer confidential and secure management of international tax and estate planning, financial transactions, entity formation, forced heir ship avoidance and all other matters related to asset protection.

Our offices are located around the world and staffed with highly qualified lawyers, tax advisors, experienced professionals and perfectly trained employees. They work on a daily basis with the majority of asset protection jurisdictions for Foundations, Trusts, Partnerships and Corporations.

Overview of our Asset Protection Services

Our professionals are members of a worldwide association of selected independent professional law and tax advisory firms. We offer our clients tailor made solutions to protect your assets:

  • Strategic Tax and Estate Planning
  • Formation and Administration of Corporations, Foundations, Partnerships, Corporations and Trusts.



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