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Asset Protection

Asset protection is based on the basic principle that any asset that you own (with some minor exceptions) can be reached by a creditor: any asset you do not own, cannot be reached by your creditor.

That is the goal of asset protection planning. Various structures aim at removing you from the legal title to your assets, while retaining with you complete control and enjoyment of the assets.

There are dozens of various asset protection structures available, with the pecific structure best suited for each person dependent on: (1) the nature of the asset being protected (i.e., different structures are used to protection rental real estate, a personal residence, a bank account, a retirement plan, etc.); (2) the timing of the claim or lawsuit; (3) the debtor's risk aversity; and (4) the aggressivness and the intelligence of the creditor. Our team of experts will put together an asset protection package tailored to your specific needs.

Asset Protection Trusts

An asset protection trust is:

  • An effective tool to settle or discourage litigation
  • A means to keep the ownership of assets absolutely confidential
  • An alternative to traditional pre-nuptial agreements
  • A hedge against potential exchange controls
  • A device to protect otherwise unprotectable pension assets
  • A means to give an insolvent debtor a fresh start
  • The preferred technique to avoid forced heirship laws (common in Europe)
  • A way to internationalize investment and hedge against governmental instability

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