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Savings Account

Money Market Accounts Vs Savings Accounts 
To know where to park all your extra cash, you need to be aware of the following: money market accounts vs savings accounts vs money market fund accounts. Depending on what it is you are looking for, higher yield, higher security or higher liquidity, this 'money market accounts vs savings accounts' article should help you know which account suits you the best. So here is my money market account vs saving account comparison.

Opening a Savings Account 
Opening a savings account is one of the best ways to manage and save your hard earned money. So, if you don't have a savings account and want to open one, keep reading to know how to start a savings account and what are its benefits...

Difference Between Savings and Current Account 
Banking now involves essential choice-making between various different types of accounts specially instituted for individual needs. There are separate accounts designed for the service group and more market-based structures for the business class of society. The difference between a Savings and Current bank account lies in the patronization...

Money Market Accounts 
Learn more about Money Market Accounts…

Highest Money Market Rates 
Let us discuss few US banks that offer very high rates on money market accounts.

High Yielding Money Market Accounts
Money market accounts are a class of account schemes where banks promise huge returns. Customers enjoy additional benefits like reduced transaction fees, very minimal initial balance etc.

Money Market Savings Accounts 

Money markets or high yield savings accounts are one of the safest investment options available today. Their interest rates are very high and are comparable with any other profitable investment option.

CD Savings Accounts Strategies 

CD accounts are one of the safest investment options available. However major benefits can be reaped if one gets to know different strategies used by experts and analysts.

Choosing Best Savings Account 
There are many factors to check before deciding on which bank to go for opening a savings account.

Online Business Savings Accounts 
Savings accounts for commercial establishments those can be managed online are called online business savings accounts. Let us discuss about these accounts in brief.

How to Save Like a Bank 

6 Sound Banking Principles from the Folks Who Should Know – the Banking Industry!

How Saving Money Will Change Your Life 
If you aren't saving money now, you'll hate yourself later.

Do Full Fledge Businesses with Current Account and also Get Good Interests 
Now banks add huge interests on the deposits in savings as well as current accounts. The present current account interest rates of various banks are quite high and are beneficial for the business people. 

Maximising Your Savings Account Returns 

Over 80% of internet users are now enjoying the convenience of online banking. Online banking has also seen the emergence of online saving accounts which offer high interest and lower fees than traditional banks with larger overheads. Find out what to look out for when comparing online saving accounts.

Choosing a new current bank account 
There are many types of current banking account available, but make sure you shop around for the one that best suits your financial needs.

What is the difference between a current account and a savings account? 
I've never really understood the difference between a current account and a savings account - now it's time to find out. 

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