Strategic Analysis of European Private Banking Sector

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Mergers and Acquisitions in the European Private Banking Sector. This report analyses 29 European private banking acquisitions over the past 7 years and draws key conclusions for those who may be planning acquisitions in this sector in the future. The author of the report, M & A Monitor, is a leading UK financial information company specialising in analysis of mergers & acquisitions across a range of European industries The report commences with an analysis of the strategic background to the European private banking marketplace and the key factors which are likely to influence consolidation The study goes on to provide a detailed Transaction Report for each of 29 acquisitions in the private banking sector, including a full analysis of the deal's financials, competitive status, regulatory status, basis of valuation, share data, payment details, review of operational issues of the target. Additionally key documents are provided for each deal including annual reports, of target and bidder, interims, press releases, offer documents, and presentations. These documents, amounting to over 2000 pages, are available to readers online.

Among the M & A deals analysed are the following:
Assicurazioni Generali/Banca del Gottardo; Fondiaria-SAI/Banca Gesfid; BNP Paribas/Banco Exelbank; Banca Profilo/Societe Bancaire Privee;Rabobank/Bank Sarasin; Banco Santander/KBL Fumagalli Solda; Banco Sabadell/Caceis Bank Espana; Sanpaolo IMI/Banca Fideuram; Banco Sabadell/Banco Urquijo; Julius Baer/ UBS private banks; Banque Degroof/Banque Degroof Luxembourg; SEB/Privatbanken ASA; Almanji/Kredietbank Luxembourg; Mediobanca/Compagnie Monegasque de Banque; Fortis/ Banca Intermobilare di Investimenti e Gestione; Union of Swiss Raffeisen Banks/Vontobel Holdings; Bank of NT Butterfield/
Leopold Joseph; Royal Bank of Scotland/Bank von Ernst; & eleven further deals.

The report provides the following details:

Provides rigorous financial analysis of all 29 of the largest private banking transactions in Europe with disclosed transaction values over the period 2000-2007.

Supplies an updating service for 2008 in which subscribers will receive a Transaction Report supplying financial analysis of each new significant acquisition in European private banking, with publicly disclosed valuation data, plus key documents for each transaction.

Provides extensive strategic analysis of the European private banking market and examines the principal drivers of private banking sector consolidation, including rising competition and the drive to achieve economies of scale. The scope for revenue and cost synergies from private banking transactions is also examined, including comprehensive details of the synergies claimed by the parties for such transactions over the 2000 to 2007 period.

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