Middle East Banks – List of Middle East Banks

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Banks are one of important office for us, while saaving our money, giving money at interest. Every bank has its own rules for giving interested or other services they are giving. Some of banks are national bank, some are commercial bank . There are some banks also that donot have any physical location at worldmap. They are called high street bank. In middle east region there are lots of country are there and also have their national level based as well as international level also.

National Bank of Egypt: This is one of Egypt bank established at 1898 with 13,332 employees. It has 456 ATMs machine with 413 branches. It has merged with Monhandes Bank at 4 Oct 2005. The National Bank of Egypt offers commerical banking like deposits,  loan and credit cards, investment in real estate, risk management, private banking, asset management services and investment banking. NBE has been increased revenues by 25% and paid-by capital by 443% in 2006.

National Bank of Qatar: This is one of qatar bank, established at 1964 with 1581 employees. It has 130 ATMs machine with 57 branches. It provides commerical islamic banks activities like deposits, loans and credit & cards, assest management activites like wealth management, fund management and portfolio management . It has symbol of QNBK along with ID of QNBK.DSM.

National Bank of Dubai: This national bank of Dubai is established in 1963 providing islamic and conventional services. In oct 2007, it has merged with Emirates international bank and called later Emirates NBD. Now there is 6922 employees. It has 650 ATMs with 146 branches. It offers investing banking services like investment advisory, living and non- living things insurances. It has symbol of EMIRATESNBD with ID NBD.DFM.

National Bank of  Oman: this is one of Oman bank, established at 1973 with 1098 employees. It has 130 ATMs machine with 62 branches. It offers commerical services like depostis, loan and credit cards, investment banking investment advisory, fund and assest management and brokage services. It has symbol of NBOB with ID NBOB.MSM.

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