Wealth Management & Family Office

Family Office will facilitate and coordinate all the important things in your life that sometimes consume a lot of your time and leave you to little time to concentrate on your business, your family & your leisure occupancies. Family Office will work only for and in your name. Your Family Office Manager will act in the background, caring for your many bank accounts, all your real estate matters, your tax planning, protecting your assets, inheritance planning, foundations or trusts, he will recommend lawyers, art experts, yacht sellers and educational institutions for your children; all in the most professional way.

The biggest advantage of a Family Office is that its Wealth Management is completely objective and working only in your interest as it is paid only by the Family Office Client. No commissions, no investments, no factors that may influence the Managers decision against the interest of his Client.
Individuals and families who establish family offices are often presented with the idea by one of their trusted advisors like their tax advisor or lawyer, or by a friend who has a family office or is somewhat familiar with the concept. The first questions asked about Family Offices are: What are the benefits of having a family office? What are the typical services? How do you set up and manage a family office successfully? Should I set up my own Office or should I join a Multi-Client-Family Office?

The Multi-Client-Family Office represents a center of influence and stability to help families with exceptional wealth ensure the preservation and growth of their financial assets and family heritage. Most traditional and old Multi-Family Offices evolved from these family offices. They are made up of exclusive groups that have opened access to their services to more than one family of exceptional wealth. In general, an MFO aggregates and focuses resources to facilitate a common interest in asset protection, cost control, financial education, family philanthropy and a host of other needs.

We will offer you all these services, guaranteeing you complete confidentiality and cost effectiveness in managing your wealth. We will find the best onshore / offshore solution for your patrimony.

About Wealth Planning

Swiss Bank agents can introduce you to a Swiss bank that offers the following services:

Family Office and Wealth Management;
International Estate Planning;
Inheritance Planning
Family Office
Trust Formations
International Swiss Private Banking;
Corporation, Trust and Foundation Formation.
Swiss Bank Accounts

Asset Management
Private Banking

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The private banking services are usually offered to clients with assets of a minimum of $500,000 USD. With lower amounts of funds, you may still be able to apply do not hesitate to Contact a Swiss Bank or Click here to request more information.

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