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Together with our independent tax attornies we offer the following services:

Asset Protection and Global Taxation Law
Family Office and Wealth Management
Fund Management
International Estate Planning
International Swiss Private Banking
Corporation, Trust and Foundation Formation
Swiss Bank Accounts

Asset Management
Private Banking
Wealth Planning
Inheritance Planning
Investment Solutions
Family Office
Trust Formations

Free and strictly confidential Consultation

If you are interested in a free and strictly confidential consultation and wish to talk to one of our professionals please click here. The appropriate expert will call you back and render a general introduction to our services via telephone and then offer to meet you wherever it is convenient for you, in one of our banks in Switzerland, in one of our professional offices in Switzerland or even at your home if you wish. If you do not want to email us, for a telephone consultation appointment with a private banker phone: 0044 151 261 0989..

The private banking services are usually offered to clients with assets of a minimum of $500,000 USD. But even with lower amounts of funds, if you feel, that you qualify as a potential client for our advisory group, because you need an international estate planning structure, offshore trust or foundation for your assets or simply look for an appropriate Swiss Bank for your funds, do not hesitate to contact us and click here for a strictly confidential and free consultation.

Offshore Businesses and Tax Havens

A tax haven will offer the following services:

Offshore Bank Account, Fund Management, Asset Management, Trust Formations, Private Banking, Wealth Management, Swiss Bank Accounts, Wealth Planning, Inhertiance Planning, International Business Corporations, Investment Solutions and more!

A tax haven is a place where certain taxes are levied at a low rate or not at all. This encourages wealthy individuals and or firms to establish themselves in Tax Havens, the Offshore Financial Haven.

Different jurisdictions tend to be havens for different types of taxes, and for different categories of people an or companies:

  • Andorra   Anguilla   Antigua   Aruba   
    Bahamas   Bahrain    Barbados   Belize   Bermuda

  • British Virgin Islands    Cayman Islands   
    Cook Islands   Costa Rica   Cyprus  Djibouti

  • Dominica   Dubai  Gibraltar   Grenada   Guam    Guernsey    Hong Kong   Isle of Man

  • Israel    Japan    Jersey   Labuan   Latvia   Lebanon   Liechtenstein    Luxembourg

  • Macau    Malta  Malaysia   Marianas   
    Marshall Islands    Mauritius  Micronesia
    Monaco  Montserrat

  • Nauru   Netherlands Antilles    Niue   Panama    Philippines    Puerto Rico    Seychelles

  • Singapore    St Kitts and Nevis    St Lucia  
    St Vincent and the Grenadines    Switzerland

  • Tahiti   Tangier  Thailand   Turks and Caicos  United States   Delaware   Uruguay    Vanuatu

  • Western Samoa