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Family Office

Our Family Office consultants assist and advise our clients with the following:

Wealth planning, ongoing tax efficiency, the selection and setting up of tailored holding structures, the transmission of assets to subsequent generations as well as the preparation of children and/or grandchildren as regards their future responsibilities.

We can also advise on the definition of investment strategies, the implementation of philanthropic initiatives, advice on the acquisition and sale of goods as well as the setting up of customised financial products and multi-manager portfolios.

Our team coordinates and centralises the work of various specialists and consultants in :

Launching calls-for-bids, awarding management mandates and selecting the appropriate funds or managers; supervising wealth management projects and controlling and monitoring financial and management operations (reporting, appraisal meetings); providing Global Custody services.

There can never be a better time to plan for your family's financial future.

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Services for wealthy clients

Our private banking services are offered to new clients starting with assets of a minimum of USD $500,000 or more.

If you would like to speak direct to one of our agents about securing your assets, please call: 0044 7855 214529 Alternatively you can contact us via email - [email protected]

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