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About Swiss Private

At we offer a full range of services for both corporate and individual clients in all major currencies

We are an independent advisory that has dealings with many of the largest and most reputable banks in Switzerland. Our aim is to bring you together with the appropriate Swiss Private Bank that best suits your specific needs and provides you the best individual banking services.

We have the scope and knowledge to be independent and will not necessarily push one, but offer unbiased advice to deal with the realities of what is best for you and your finances.

Our private banking services are dedicated to helping individuals and corporations with significant assets and international financial needs.

Our experienced advisors all deliver discreet, personal, flexible financial solutions. Many of whom hold professional designations in law, accounting and investment. They will utilise on a mass of knowledge and experience. Experience that will be brought to bear on your investments.

Why Switzerland?.....

Switzerland represents reliability of a long standing banking tradition, one which exists practically nowhere else. Solidity and seriousness are the result of experience that goes back for generations. Switzerland’s banks manage client assets worth an estimated 3,500 billion Swiss francs,

Switzerland has the balance between the traditional legal protection and the strict standards against abuse of the system, such as regulations against money laundering and insider trading.

We look after clients, not just assets…….

As a client you want to know that your assets are in good hands and that they are:

  • Protected from the depredations of inflation, optimised concerning taxes and hedged against mood swings in the financial markets or the imponderables of political crises.
  • Observed and/or managed by experienced personal advisors who are accountable, independent and speak your language.
  • Invested intelligently according to our recommendations, if requested.

The private banking services are offered for new clients stating with assets of a minimum of USD $500,000 or more.

Other Services...

- Swiss Bank Accounts
- Asset Management
- Private Banking
- Venture Capital
- Islamic Banking
- Fund Management
- Wealth Planning
- Inheritance Planning
- Investment Solutions
- Family Office
- Trust Formations
- Asset Protection
- Wealth Management
- Offshore businesses in many different tax havens

Services for wealthy clients

Our private banking services are offered to new clients starting with assets of a minimum of USD $500,000 or more.

If you would like to speak direct to one of our agents about securing your assets, please call:

0044 7855 214529

Alternatively you can contact us via email - [email protected]

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